Klavírní studio Evy Suchánkové

Blanická 9, Praha 2 - Vinohrady, 120 00


Contact to the studio: info@lekceklaviru.cz
Please use this email, if you are interested in the piano lessons in our studio or you have any questions about how it works.
Address of the studio: Blanická 9, Praha 2 – Vinohrady, 120 00
Place of bussines: Kralická 1082/18, 100 00 Praha 10 – Strašnice

Manager of the studio:
MgA. Eva Suchánková
Phone: 739 232 391
Email: info@lekceklaviru.cz
IČ: 03399893


We play from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m.
Working time is irregular according to the schedule of our students.

If you want to come along, please contact us in advance per email info@lekceklaviru.cz.