Klavírní studio Evy Suchánkové

Blanická 9, Praha 2 - Vinohrady, 120 00

Price List


If you want to try out a piano lesson at our studio, you can apply for a 30 minute long trial lesson, which costs 200 CZK. In case you are interested in the trial lesson, please contact us first per email or phone.

By registering to our studio a one-time entry fee 500 CZK is charged. The entry fee is paid only 1x with the registration and is valid for the whole time of your attendance of the piano lessons in our studio. The entry fee is non-refundable.

The school year is divided into 3 terms:

1. term: September 3rd – December 21st (16 weeks, 14 lessons)
2. term: January 2nd – March 29th (13 weeks, 11 lessons)
3. term: April 1st – June 28th (13 weeks, 11 lessons)

Lesson duration 30 min 45 min  60 min  90 min
1. term 4 200 CZK 5 600 CZK 7 000 CZK 10 500 CZK
2. term 3 300 CZK 4 400 CZK 5 500 CZK 8 250 CZK
3. term 3 300 CZK 4 400 CZK 5 500 CZK 8 250 CZK

This pricelist is valid for all our students. The lessons take part 1x week always at the same day and time. In each term there is room for 2 absences.

The fee for the piano course is due at every beginning of the new term according to the paydate at the invoice. The payment is done by a bank transfer. If the payment is not done within 14 days from the beginning of the course, the lessons will be stopped.

The price for the course in non-refundable. Any exception (most of all exceptions based on unforseen circumstances like long-term illnes etc.) must be discussed with the manager of the studio Ms. MgA. Eva Suchánková.

Information about our lessons:

30-min lessons We offer these lessons to children of the age of 5-8 years. Playing the piano demands a lot of attention, and we have experience, that children from 5 to 8 are able to concentrate in the 30min piano course very well. After the age of 8 the children will advance to a 45 minute piano course in the next school year.

45-min lessons These lessons are our standard lessons, that are used by most of our students, children as well as adults.

60-min lessons These lessons are more intensive prolonged lessons for our students, that want to play a wider and more difficult repertoir, are preparing for concerts, piano exams and piano competitions.

90-min lessons These lessons are for advanced pianists, who are preparing for conservatiors or other schools, or for students, that demand a very intensive piano course. We only accept students with an intensive and regular home practising for this course.

The piano course doesn’t include teaching aids (sheet music, rent of instrument).

If you wish to register to our studio, please contact us!

For further information please read our Terms and conditions.